Benjamin Lupton

Founded Bevry, DocPad, and Startup Hostel. Accomplished in JavaScript, Node.js, Web Development and Open-Source. Enthusiast of Quantitative Psychology, Philosophy and Trading. Available for consulting, training and speaking. Contact. Referrals.

The fame, the glory, the money, the legacy? They're all good things to aim for, but will chasing them bring them to you?

Perhaps what is needed is to be the best you possibly can, in this moment - for this moment will always be now, now will never leave your side, as it is always now.

Chasing something that isn't now, will only manifest disatisfaction with your present moment, and how can you create something amazing if you're already disatisfied? You can't, or if you do, then that disafaction will inherit inside your creation and serve as its seed for eventual destruction.

Therefore life isn't really about what you create, but who you are when you create. So ask yourself, what part of me am I currently instilling in this creation? In this moment? Am I instilling joy, enthusiasm, abundance to what I touch? Or despair, frustration, and angst?

As soon as you're in it for the right reasons, the world opens up to you. If you're in it for the wrong reasons however, the world cowers away. The step to a mindset of abundance, from a mindset of scarcity, is an inner step. Abundance isn't something external from us, but something we feel inside us, and whatever we feel tints our perception of reality to become our manifester of results.

So perhaps its time for us to start making a great day, rather than merely having a good day - so are you ready to make a great day? If not now, then when?