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One trend that I have found to exist in all the best minds that I've countered is not only a overwhelming hunger that never ends for self-improvement and learning, but also the acceptance of themselves.

This concept has been repackaged into so many different cliches that we would expect that it would be common sense and come naturally, but yet so few people have those virtues; which is a pity.

Imagine if you had the ability to love yourself with your entire heart, to feel loved every moment, how empowering would that make you feel? Surely it would allow to accomplish solutions to bigger and better problems that you couldn't before, wouldn't it?

Imagine the girl across the dance floor, who dances not like no one is watching, but as if all eyes are on her!. Now that is power; and what does it create? It creates that reality.

Ask anyone successful with pickup, and the key thing mentioned is that they believe the result they are after will happen. This one force is also what drives amazing programmers; it is the power that we can make anything our reality, we can create anything, we have the ability to be god; given we have enough time.

Time is the only constraint.

Anything is possible with enough time, perhaps not in our lifetime but a lifetime to come.

Though the realisation of time as a constraint is one that generally hits us too late. The worst feeling in the whole world is meant to be regret, in fact there is a NLP induction titled "The Funeral" which I had the fortunate torment of experiencing in the "Warrior Spirit" course by the Wealth Propulsion Team. In the induction your timeline is placed at your funeral, pre-framed with a life of missed opportunities, and elicited in a state of complete regret. It's such an extreme pain which I've never felt before nor wish to experience ever again; however, it was totally worth it - it was a pain that I'm blessed to have as it has created that urgency to drive me forward.

Am I utilising my time the best right now? What am I getting out of this? How will this help me on my quest of life?

These are questions that I'm always asking myself and have made me realise the limits of being human. I can do a massive programming sprint for 2 weeks, but then I will crash and burn for one week. You're body can only handle so much. As much as I'd like to always be working, it is important for us to slow down and give our brain and body time to reorganise and heal.

For me that outlet is satisfied by my amazing partner, something that I only realised after a intensely fuelled and captivating debate with the Norbert Pomaroli and the rest of the Aloha Editor Team after our Vienna DevCon 2011.

The conversation started with my view that the future will only have a place for creatives, and the "checkout girl" role will be made redundant by new technologies. Norbert, while agreeing on the latter point disagreed with my first. He enlightened me on how his role is actually an enabler rather than a creative (so one who enables creatives to do things; which is his passion, his love). This ignited a spark of curiosity between us and we came to the following conclusion.

New technologies will replace repetitive roles such as the "checkout girl" causing a loss of jobs. While this can be bad, those with initiative will be set on a path to discover their passion; the one thing that only their DNA allows them to do better than everyone else; and loving doing it.

This conclusion has helped settle my fear that my virtuous entrepreneur mindset would have been suppressed if I was around 1000 years ago, and likely it would have been the death of me. While that may still be true, the future is looking brighter than ever allowing everyone to have the opportunity to shine on their own terms, be it as a enabler, a creator, a house-wife, or a entrepreneur.

The future looks bright. And I'm proud to be a part of it.

So what are your thoughts? Do you agree or disagree? You can let me know via the comments.