Benjamin Lupton

Open-Collaboration Entrepreneur. Vegan. Founded Bevry, DocPad, History.js, Web Write & Startup Hostel. Aficionado of JavaScript, CoffeeScript, Node.js, HTML5 and Open-Source. Available for consulting, training and speaking. Contact.


Top 10% for JavaScript, Node.js, jQuery, HTML5 and Ajax via StackOverflow

With 19,000 reputation on StackOverflow I’ve been able to empower and teach thousands of other web developers by sharing my knowledge and expertise.

The 2nd most active open-source developer in Australia via GitHub
The 30th most active open-source developer in the world via GitHub
Created 248 open-source projects via GitHub

Working with open-source every day, I'm serious about open-collaboration. I've made over 4,000 contributions to the open-source scene in the past year and had my work starred by over 16,650 fellow developers.

The 4th most watched JavaScript developer in Australia via GitHub
The 6th most watched developer in Australia via GitHub

By following someone on GitHub, you are indicating that you love their work enough to be notified of every single piece of code they publish, big or small. Having 707 followers is a fantastic testimonial of my professional taste and impact on the web development community.

International speaker and trainer

The opportunity of speaking and training people around the world is one that I'm so humbled to have. I can think of nothing better than inspiring, empowering, and connecting with amazing individuals all across the globe.

100% client satisfaction for the past two years via LinkedIn

Being able to provide a level of excellence which converts potential leads into raving fans, won’t always be easy, but it is something I’m comitted to ensuring every single time.

Created DocPad
One of the 20 most popular CoffeeScript projects in the world via GitHub

DocPad rethought web development and created a new kind of content management system. Each day more and more websites built with DocPad are going live, and more and more developers are joining the DocPad community.

Created History.js
One of the 40 most popular JavaScript projects in the world via GitHub

History.js is now one of the most game changing and popular utilities for web developers everywhere. Enabling and empowering freelancers to thought leaders to create the next generation of leading stateful web applications easily and effortlessly.